5 Best Free Fitness Apps For iPhone in 2020


Health and fitness are the overriding concerns of our lives. In a realm of technology, one finds it difficult to devise workout plans. I have jotted down some easy-peasy words below, so you can make your workout routine through the aid of fitness apps.

In an era girded by sedentary lifestyle, one just keeps on stuffing one’s mouth being glued to an area for multiple hours. Excess food goes into the body, stubborn fat is accumulated, and then our physical health bears the drearisome consequences. Our life gets stuck on this crummy routine.

Why are we so heedless of our wavering health routine? We have a give-and-take relationship with our bodies. If we will give more succour to our body, then more favorable out-turns will be achieved.


Life is a roller-coaster of numerous commitments. It depends on persons sheer task managing skills i.e. how they are able to adjust their workout routines within an entire muddle of various ventures. Our higgledy-piggledy health routine is in dire need of attention.

So, there is no need to become spendthrifts by splurging on fancy-diet food, gym or on personal trainer fees. You just need to grab your Phone, install any good-rate fitness app in it and then follow it consistently.

(Thanks to modern technology for saving up my money. I am planning to buy wonderful stuff during Friday Sale season 😊). Take out one hour from your daily grind and dedicate to your body maintenance. That’s is what needed on your part.

Fitness Apps- Boon to your Track of progress!

Fitness apps help you to make up a fine workout routine, whether a daily steps routine or home exercise. They monitor your progress details and share your results, so that you have ample motivation for you next workout. They come up with a package of advantages-some of them are listed below:

  • A token of cost-free workout ideas.
  • Helps you in structuring the fitness objectives, which are easily attainable.
  • Helps you in designing your yoga program and carrying it out daily.
  • Helps you to look after your diet meal on daily basis.
  • Helps you to take out time for exercises daily, no matter what.

By estimating you daily food intake with proper portions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, Fitness Apps help you to set a standard goal. They also play a vital role in making you achieve your greater transformation goals.

Most of the fitness apps act as a guiding force, providing you with the proper feedback. One of the perks of having free fitness apps is that they are not lightweight rather numb on your wallets 😊. Let’s dive into the list of some of the best choices among fitness apps for iPhone.

Best Free Fitness Apps for iPhone

Best Free Fitness Apps For iPhone in 2020


This amazing app helps you to set up your fitness goals and strive hard to achieve them in any way possible. If aids in setting up workouts routine so you may have a well-structures pattern of your progress.

The most striking feature of this app is its enthusiastic group of users, which gives you a feeling of zealous atmosphere of cheerful group as well as having a personal trainer.

Both of these wonderful features are jampacked in Fitocracy. With the help of this app, you can set a goal, follow up other participants if you ever feel demotivated. You can also make an achievements section in the app. By focusing on daily workout routine, you can unlock that very section and note down your progress level.

Besides this, you can enjoy free access to certain workout plans and can make yourself join a special group. This group is led by personalized dieticians and trainers, helping you to reshape your nutritional demands. You can achieve wonderful results if you follow up this app.

FitStar Personal Trainer

Most of us don’t give importance to exercise routine. We just warm up our body few days a week without scheduling up any proper routine. This app comes to the aid and solves our problem of choosing exercises daily. With the help of this app, you can make exercise a “MUST PART” of your routine.

This app asks your demands of a healthy workout setup and then gives you an easy follow-up pattern. The goals are well-formulated and they can be achieved with a little hard work from your side. The workouts are specially designed to be equipment-free. So, you can easily follow the pattern any where e.g. at homes, at lawn.

You just need an ample space to stretch up your arms and legs. YUP! Isn’t it great? No need of gym just a scheduled sheet of customized workouts. This surely satisfies your needs of daily exercises.


Strava is a famous GPS app which helps the runners and cyclists to make out a workout routine and track their progress. Strava has a feature of social network which allows you to connect to various athletes, thus leading you to be in close proximity with the other fellow athletes.

This app also provides you with accurate statistical figures including your distance covered, speed maintained, pace and the rate of elevation gained throughout the whole activity. This app will manage your workout details and form any personal record.

Strava feature will enable you to compare your efforts and hard work with other fellow members or even renowned athletes. You can also use this app to trace a new cycling or running track. You can also avail the feature of monthly challenges and earn points in it.

Install this app and keep yourself motivated.


MyFitnessPal is an amazing app that helps you to manage your daily calorie intake. The proper food intake will help you to remain consistent in your goals. This app designs the calorie intake schedule based on your information and goals and then makes you follow the instructions regularly.

It also gives exercises to be followed so that you can easily balance up you weight and remain on track. Besides this, this app also allows you to remain connected to a huge society of supportive users. It will help you to keep motivated and monitor your weight over time.

With this app installed in your iPhone, you can restrict yourself from grabbing every other cheat product.

7 Minute Workout

This wonderful app is known to be composed of scientifically formulated workouts. The workouts schedule helps you to stay fit and healthy. This schedule is designed according to your demands and it only requires seven minutes from your daily routine.

There are no hard and fast rules to follow up the instructions. This app provides you all the instructions step by step, so every person may get the info easily without any obstacle. It also suggests the time duration of every exercise.

A timer feature is also present in this app which helps to determine your rest period. Besides this, voice prompter feature is also available which helps to give you every possible instruction. So, you are at ease, as you don’t need to look at your phone continuously for instructions.

Give a try to this amazing app

A Sound Body has A Sound Mind!

Pay heed to your health and fitness. Monitor your food intake. Stuff your mouth with organic foods only. Keep yourself in shape. Exercise daily. Drink lots of water. Give yourself almost 7-8 sleeping hours. Your health should be your prime concern, only then you will be able to live your life to the best and make your dreams come true.

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